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 Magic Fingers Clinic

Flashwave Therapy

The New Generation of Shockwave Therapy

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Shockwave Flashwave Therapy

What is Flashwave®?

and how does Flashwave® work from a medical point of view?

Medical Background

Flashwaves® are acoustic waves with a specific wave signature that move in and through the body at supersonic speed. They are generated in a controlled manner and can be varied in strength, energy and penetration depth and adapted to the medical needs of each patient. Thanks to the expertise and experience of international physicians and German engineers, Flashwave® therapy makes it possible to treat complaints that were previously considered difficult to treat or even incurable.

Flashwave® initiates communication with and among cells, activating an intrinsic repair program within the tissue. This revolutionary cellular communication is the key to Flashwave’s® unique medical efficacy without any relevant side effects.

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Flashwave® Therapy for Aesthetics & Skin Management

Proven effective over Botox or liposuction with results at the cellular level. A non-invasive, natural alternative to injections and surgeries with long-term results and no downtime. Perfect for: wrinkle-smoothing, anti-cellulite treatment, scars & stretch marks, connective tissue tightening, skin rejuvenation & elasticity improvement. The below comparison is a 16-day difference! 

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flashwave therapy

Musculoskeletal Management and Correction

Help for the musculoskeletal system

Muscle, joint and tendon problems can severely restrict us in everyday life. Nevertheless, many people live with the pain because conventional treatments have brought little or no relief. The reason for this is the high medical demands and the variety of complaints that have made muscle, joint and tendon problems difficultto treat. Flashwave® therapy changes that.

flashwave therapy performance

Musculoskeletal Management

and Correction

Increase in performance

Whether in everyday life, work or sport, your muscles have to cope with high demands on a daily basis and protect themselves from damage. With Flashwave® therapy, your muscles build up the necessary resistance and develop the best conditions to recover optimally from stress. We also use the Flashwave® therapy for professional athletes or hobby athletes.

flashwave therapy

Aesthetics and Skin Management

Aesthetic body feeling

Whether you're considering aesthetic correction or want to beautify your skin, Flashwave® Therapy offers advanced treatment options for aesthetics and skin improvement that do not require surgery, side effects or additional medications. Feel good in your skin - that's quality of life.

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How is Flashwave® used?

One of the biggest advantages ofFlashwave® therapy is its individualapplicability. Depending on thediagnosis, the treatment is preciselyadapted to the patient‘s needs. Beforethe application by the doctor/therapist, acoupling medium, usually a special oil, is appliedto the treatment area to ensure the transfer ofthe Flashwave® into the body and the activationof cellular communication.

How long does

a Flashwave® therapy take?

The number of treatments varies depending on your diagnosis. The most complex aspect of Flashwave® therapy is the in-depth anamnesis and diagnosis of the cause of the medical problem. The actual Flashwave® treatment usually takes eight to twelve minutes. Many patients report a noticeable improvement immediately after the first session, although usually three to five treatments are recommended.

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How much does

a Flashwave® therapy cost?

Due to the high medical efficacy, the costs are low compared to conventional forms of therapy, such as regular physiotherapy, possible surgery or expensive medication. For a cost estimate please contact our team, so we can find out together whether a Flashwave® therapy is the ideal solution for you. We‘ll be happy to answer all your questions.